CalWORKs: Forewarned is NOT Forearmed

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by: NewMomma

At 8 months pregnant it became very apparent that I was going to need financial assistance to keep afloat after having a baby. Despite the fact that I could prove financial hardship, my CalWORKS applications were still denied; and I kept going to submit them for a month and a half because I was in denial that somehow I didn’t qualify for benefits because I received Social Security.

After the baby was born, I realized that he had no medical insurance because I was not allowed to receive any benefits until after he came. So I went to fill in more applications to be told that I did meet the requirements for food stamps and medi-cal. However, a month after the baby was born I still did not have a medi-cal card. Needless to say I missed the doctor appointment and was not able to get the baby his first round of shots… this disqualifies me for aid because his shots are not up to date. I feel like I should be getting some assistance.

Nearly 2 months later, I am still collecting Social Security and have not received any medical benefits for my son… This is absolutely absurd! Has anyone experienced this same thing? I’m frustrated and need a fix more than just venting so I have asked LIFETIME for help. In the meantime, I would love to hear from other single, disabled, low-income mothers who may have gone through something similar. At this point, more information or comparing situations could only help me and my baby.


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