CalWORKs Trials in Education – Approved Vocational Program?

Summer school is in.. has CalWORKs approved you Vocational Program? Were you able to find somewhere to complete your hours? What’s your story? Email us at


school_money2– By Anonymous Mom

I became a CalWORKS recipient after my unemployment benefits were exhausted, and I was in dire need of another source of income to prevent severe hardship.  Within a few months of facing this predicament, I was accepted to my dream school.  During the summer prior to my first term at the University, I participated in the CalWORKS’ job club and job search program in order to continue receiving aid and avoid a lapse.  After the fall term ended, I was notified by my case worker that my program would no longer be supported beginning the next quarter because my major of choice was not listed as a “approved vocational training program”.  After realizing that I may face a dilemma that would require working or volunteering twenty hours per week while attending college full time in addition to caring for my child, I filed an appeal as…

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