LIFETIME in the News

button_10LIFETIME has gained statewide and national media coverage for our work. Below are some links to our coverage

1/10/2011 – ABC7 News 1/10/11 – Fox 40 News 1/10/11 – SF Chronicle
Brown seeks 5-year extension on Calif Taxes Gov Brown’s Budget Plan Are Jerry Brown & Arnold Schwarzenegger “Budget ‘Twins’?”
12/2/2010 – ColorLines News Action 10/12/2010 – Women’s Media Center 10/5/2010 – Igniting Change (Blog)
Congress Drops the ball on Welfare Reform – Again Exclusive Power Play: Reversing the Recession’s Toll on Women Ms. Foundation Grantee Speaks Out on Failure of TANF Extension 
10/4/2010 – Women’s E-News 9/16/2010 – CA Report, KQED Radio 9/13/2010 – Women;s E-News
Senate TANF Vote Means Pink-Slips For Thousands State Sets A Record for Days With Overdue Budget Welfare Recipients Enjoy Bright Spots of Support
Fall 2010 – Children’s Advocate 9/3/2010 – The Huffington Post 8/23/2010 – Igniting Change (Blog)
Parent’s Vote For Kids TANF Emergency Fund, Welfare-to-Work Program that Created 240,000 Jobs, Nears End Support Women & families in Dire Economic Straits
7/26/2010 – SF Chronicle 7/26/2010 – ABC7 News May 2010 – Lumina Foundation
United Way Centers Offer Credit, career Advice. LIFETIME’s Lead PEER Advocate Dawn Love at SparkPoint LIFETIME Program Helps Welfare Moms Navigate the College Path
Spring 2010 – Lumina Foundation 3/11/2010 – GlobalWomenStrike 3/10/2010 – Huffington post
A Spark of Activism Ignites Huge Changes for Welfare-to-Work Moms Los Angeles: Crisis obliga a bajar gastos 100,000 Jobs Subsidized by Stimulus Will End in September
1/10/2010 – Huffington Post: Los Angeles 1/9/2010 – New York Times 1/9/2010 – LA Times
Ballot Intitiatives Attest to Anger in California Over State Ballot Issues Attest to Anger in California Governor warns of deep fiscal crisis as he unveils California budget plan
1/8/2010 – ABC7 News 1/7/2010 – KPFA Radio 1/6/2010 – KPFA Radio
Schwarzenegger proposes budget for ‘tough times'” The Pacifica Evening News The Pacifica Evening News
1/12/2009 – News10 ABC 8/11/2005 – Oakland Tribune 6/28/2005 – Taiwan Daily
Welfare Recipients Protest Proposed Budget Cuts Parents Urged to Avoid Wal-Mart Los Angeles Budget Action

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